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Edumonde heeft 9 professionele DVD’s geproduceerd, waarvan 5 dubbelde dvd’s waarbij dezelfde casus wordt begeleid door Donald MacGillavry en Larry Fong.

Divorce field – boek

Boek-titel: Wat nu? van Donald MacGillavry
In dit boek doet Donald MacGillavry, de grondlegger van de scheidingsbemiddeling in Nederland, verslag van zijn meer dan dertig jaar ervaring. Met verwijzing naar de theoretische achtergronden gunt hij de lezer een kijkje in zijn keuken. Hoe hij denkt, hoe hij werkt, met welke problemen hij keer op keer wordt geconfronteerd. Hij geeft tal van voorbeelden uit zijn praktijk. Wie Donald kent hoort hem praten als
hij dit leest.
In het boek zit een DVD waarin hij zijn werkwijze toelicht. De DVD wordt afgesloten met een kort interview met Sjoerd Homminga die ruim 13 jaar intensief met hem heeft samengewerkt.
Dit boek is ‘must’ voor iedere mediator die zich wil bekwamen in de
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Divorce field – DVD’s

DVD-titel: Another new girlfriend

Irene divorced Renee some years ago. Their son is living with his mother. Every forthnight he is visiting his father, as he has done for some time. His mother dislikes the way in which her son meets with his father’s constant new girlfriends. She doesn’t believe the father is a positive role model with these multiple partners. During this dispute, the mother cancelled her son’s regular visit and planned holiday with the father. The father had no notice of the change. She took her son with her on a vacation, preventing the father from the planned holiday with his father and another new girlfriend. This mediation demonstrates how the mediator focuses the parents to remember that their son’s best interests are important yet, respect their differences in values.

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DVD-titel: Trust & Respect

The husband wishes to take a month’s leave from his spouse to get his life back on track before choosing to divorce. The wife wishes a divorce within a month before her husband departs. How will this couple make good decisions in such a short period of time? The mediator focuses the spouses on their mutual goals while both are emotionally distancing from each other.

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DVD-titel: My wife became a lesbian

In this live mediation, the two parents are caught in great value and moral differences. The mother has left her long term marriage and husband for a woman of whom they both know and were familiar with. He is angry, upset and wants his children with him. Both parent’s personal values come into play and the conflict is further increased due to the access arrangements for their children.  This mediation portrays all the values that make the conflict even more difficult: Betrayal, shame, inability to move on in a separation, and guilt.

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Workplace field – DVD’s

DVD-titel: The family real estate business

The father is founder of a successful real estate company. He is almost 60 years old and he wants his daughter to take over, but through his vision, and in his own way. He has difficulty giving up control to his daughter neither as the CEO, nor as a father. The daughter is clear that personal lifestyle and how to manage this firm is different from her father’s. The mediator assists the father and daughter to discover that they have different roles as father and daughter, and how they manage the company . A classic mediation example of family run businesses and the constant problems that arise.

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DVD-titel: Two Careers at Risk

Two colleagues working are disputing with each other in the workplace. Both would need each other for promotion within the company. Morale is low in the company because of their dispute. When an important company presentation was planned, one colleague who was to technically prepare the presentation was not available and no presentation was provided to the management. How will these two colleagues manage their difficulties?  Watch the mediator focus the colleagues on the overall goals of the company and yet help them work together in a more positive light.

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Business field – DVD

DVD-titel: Doing business between friends

Harry and Patricia are long time friends. Harry is a banker and Patricia is running a successful catering company. Harry arranged Patricia to cater the important anniversary of the bank. The party was a disaster. Patricia ordered very expensive perishable items that spoiled and did not present well at the function. It was an embarrassment for the banker as there were many important clients present. Now, Harry will not pay the outstanding account due to this problem. Patricia claims that Harry’s staff didn’t take care of all the perishable items and she blames his staff for this error. This is a classical example of friends in business where relationships are intertwined, making mediation even more difficult.

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Medical field – DVD’s

DVD-titel: Medical business partnership

In this medical practise, one of the professionals, a medical doctor, wishes to reduce their case load and surgery capacity. She can still contribute to other medical practise activities; however these activities don’t contribute to the total amount of income towards the partnership. She wishes to continue his present life style and medical practise and still receive the same income. Her colleagues don’t agree as this was not their previous contractual agreement.

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DVD-titel: Doctors merging practices

In this live mediation, the role and function of the medical doctors must change due to the building of a new hospital and the merger of different medical practices. The mediation demonstrates how to create change within a medical environment, when positions are ‘drawn in the sand.’ The mediators demonstrate how to ask questions to facilitate understanding of how to create change in a moment of crisis. The mediation focuses on how different medical practices (public and private) have different values in terms of autonomy and scope of practice.

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Educational field – DVD

DVD-titel: Teachers complaints and disputes

In this live mediation, the mediator attempts to resolve the ongoing conflict between a teacher and manager/principal. The teacher is upset that the manager/principal has shamed the teacher in front of the students, regarding complaints of the teacher’s professional teaching practice. The mediators attempt to reduce the emotional conflict between the professionals, and to assist them to come to a professional decision on how to proceed to resolve this conflict and build the professional relationship as they must continue to work with each other.

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